jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

And I have become a sick child again

Write by Jorge Núñez
Translation by Verónica Galvan. Thank you 

Note: this text is a Christmas's gift for my mother 

And I have become a sick child again

When you look at me, from your window

As if I could come back,

How I wish to come back!

To that flower that is your belly

Because mi heart beats for yours

Because I hear how it used to sing

In those days that are not any longer with you,

When your beats interpreted the seeds of

hope melody

opening my heart´s eyelids

that belly that knitted the most deep dreams

with needles that saw me walk the longest trip

throughout that lifeline, that is not more than a trampoline

where we can swim to the emptiness

where you stopped being a part of me

not stopping indeed

you taught me, writing on my skin

and with a look, not a single word was necessary

So many things treated by all the years

Though I cannot understand

Why your tears

Make the night become day

I will sell my courage

In order for you to have it everything

Do not doubt about it, I will give everything for you,

Because, there is nothing after you

Tenderness that aphorise  what a woman is a maxim

Those ones that can be founded at the end of the rainbow

Those ones that are not possible to stop loving

You show that the biggest cowardice of a man is to wake the love

Of a woman without having the intention of loving her

Rods of a fairy, feet of a maid

Voice of an angel and oracle that becomes flesh

Inside the bud that travels in the middle

Of the best and of what is mine

If stars wouldn’t exist, God would have taken your eyes in its place

So as to protect me in the dark of the day

For the dark of the night

And I have become a sick child again

So kiss me, until I fall a sleep.